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I’m Indre Butkeviciute –
Wealth Coach

Indre is a visionary entrepreneur with a mission to revolutionize the role of women in the finance industry. She is an accomplished professional with a strong academic background in economics and business, having obtained her degree from the prestigious University College London.

After completing her studies, Indre embarked on a remarkable eight-year tenure at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management in London. During this time, she worked closely with some of the wealthiest individuals in the world, providing them with expert advice on managing their investments, preserving and growing their wealth, and observing their attitudes and decision-making processes regarding investment. These experiences provided her with invaluable insights that she now shares with her clients.

Core Values

Genuine Value

To make sure people who work with me experience actual value and know that they have made a smart investment in their future with someone who genuinely cares.

Challenging Stereotypes

To show that you don’t have to fit a certain stereotype to have access to financial freedom and to work towards breaking down common misconceptions around the different ways you can make money.

Lead by Example

To lead the way and explore new ideas, trends and technology so I can better educate those who I serve from a place of real experience, instead of just theory.

Empowered by Education

To equip the women who work with me with the knowledge, tools and confidence, they need to achieve financial freedom – whatever that looks like for them.

Following her stint in banking, Indre collaborated with her clients for several years to launch a Family Office in London. However, in 2015, she decided to pursue her own venture, Lily Advisory. Over the past eight years, Lily Advisory has evolved into a premier financial education platform for women, empowering them to develop their confidence not just in managing their personal finances, but also in investing in a way that feels secure, purpose-driven, and fulfilling, while also being part of a supportive community.

Indre firmly believes that the world desperately needs wealthy women who can bring about significant changes in the financial realm. As such, she is committed to helping women change their perspective on investing, providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve success in preserving and growing their accumulated wealth while also helping them achieve their life goals faster. And perhaps most importantly, she shows them how to make investing a fun and rewarding experience that can also leave a positive impact on the world. Indre sees you as one of the change makers, and she is dedicated to helping you become a part of this transformational movement.

About The Founder

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