“ While I was filling in the workbook I realised that I have been limiting myself. I always thought that money would never resolve anything or bring me happiness but I was wrong. The workbook made me understand a lot about my relationship with money and how many negative beliefs I was holding about money that was holding me back. It definitely helped me look at money a bit differently and rethink my financial goals and how I will achieve it. ”
Testimonials Krista

Krista J

Executive Assistant
“ Firstly a heartfelt thank you for being part of my financial journey so far, you’ve given me the strength even through this strange time to keep my finances in check. I met Indre, about 4 years ago, where we were both on a panel talking about overcoming fear in business. She has a beautiful raw energy that you want to be around and learn from. Her knowledge and passion for supporting women on their financial journeys has meant that I kept her close and read all her content. At the start of the lockdown, I signed up for a 5 week, finance reboot course with her to look at my finances differently. Starting with diversifying my income streams, out of one industry and introducing me to new industry as well as affiliate marketing, while also pushing me to soft launch a community I was holding back on. Her knowledge and can do attitude propelled me forward and I can now see the foundations for a healthy lifestyle that put’s wealth creation at the forefront day to day life using all the skills I have. To give you an example when I started with Indre, I had 4 income streams in one industry and 1 income stream in another, when the pandemic hit 98% of my income disappeared over night, today after work with Indre I have 5 income streams in 4 different industries as well as keeping on to the 3 income streams I already had, all using my current knowledge and passions. This was not done overnight but with my passion, drive and the right resources, guidance and push from Indre it was a perfect mix. Genuine pleasure to work with and have as a wealth coach ”
Testimonials Samira M

Samira M

"I worked with Indre over a period of one month and found her help tremendously valuable. It isn't easy to sit down and be so frank about money but Indre made me feel at ease immediately and I really got the sense that she was on my side and on my team. It was such a helpful and useful experience, if you are worried about your finances or even just need some help pointing you in the right direction then I would definitely recommend using her services. I would have no hesitation recommending her and will definitely use her again myself!"
Letter L

Eileen Donaghey

Legal Marketer
"My session with Indre was really empowering. I now feel that I understand the steps that I need to take to feel in control of my money. I am looking forward to putting what we discussed into action and to start to make my money work harder for me!"
Testimonials Circle
"Firstly a heartfelt thank you for being part of my financial journey so far, you've given me the strength even through this strange time to keep my finances in check."
Testimonials Samira Musa

Samira Musa

Had the most inspiring, encouraging and motivating session with a Wealth Coach @indrebutk, who consults women on finances, savings and investing! Basically, how to manage your finances effectively. Thank you Indre for being so generous with your time and for reassuring that investing is for anyone! Now, less Prada, more saving.
Testimonials Circle
Hi, I just wanted to thank you for all the knowledge you have been sharing with your followers on insta through your stories, posts and lives. I feel like I've gained so much knowledge from you. Your passion to help others is clearly visible. It's so fantastic and empowering when you see women supporting women. Keep doing what you are doing You are brilliant!
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